Feb 06, 2017

Up close & personal with Geospatial Hall of Fame Awardees

They’re behind the GIS that we know and understand. They’re behind the GPS we use on our phones all day. They’re behind the flourishing surveying and mapping communities. The navigation that is synonymous with business, travel and leisure. They’re behind the astounding satellite imagery and also behind the satellite data that is being used for various purposes. They’re in the basics of GIScience. They inspire remote sensing professionals in Asia and beyond. They single-handedly changed the face of the geospatial industry and continue to do so even today.

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This is the story of ten extraordinary leaders known for their relentless leadership and innovative ideas, which ultimately changed the face of the geospatial industry. Geospatial Media and Communications has introduced the ‘Geospatial Hall of Fame’. The company felicitated these visionaries on January 23, 2017, during Geospatial World Forum 2017, at Hyderabad International Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India.

Alain De Taeye’s belief took mapping and TomTom to new heights
Alain De Taeye’s vision toward creating and nurturing Tele Atlas, focusing on commercial geospatial content, and his continued leadership at TomTom has empowered commoditization and consumerization of geospatial capabilities.

Barbara Ryan: A voice of scientific community in the bureaucratic world
Barbara Ryan’s leadership in changing the Landsat data policy, strengthening the processes and outreach of the GEO Secretariat, and championing the cause of integrated EOS and geospatial communities are inimitable.

Journey of Charlie Trimble, a true pioneer of GPS industry
Charlie Trimble’s foresight tapped into the huge potential of GPS before anyone, creating a company of culture, technology innovation and social relevance in the process.

What led David Schell to the founding of OGC
David Schell’s vision of creating OGC, and his well-articulated purpose of socialization of geospatial capability has been fully realized with location-empowered social media that is touching almost every citizen’s personal, social and professional lives.

The making of Jack Dangermond: Godfather of GIS
Esri Founder Jack Dangermond’s five decades of unmatched passion and unparalleled contribution to the geospatial industry has made his company the world’s largest mapping software maker.

How Kanwar Chadha changed the world of GPS
Kanwar Chadha’s visionary idea for consumerization of GPS has created the foundation for uptake of location-based services across sectors, making a difference in global economy.

KK Singh’s constant endevors made Rolta Group a global name
KK Singh’s foresight in creating Rolta Group as the first Indian geospatial company in 1982 was no less than a pioneering mission.

Michael Goodchild, the best known GIScientist, is all about intrigue
Michael Goodchild’s passion for crafting and shaping the fabric of geospatial discipline has created a value-oriented geospatial industry.

Why Shunji Murai is called the father of remote sensing in Asia
The relentless endeavors of Shunji Murai in promoting remote sensing within Asia righteously makes him the father of remote sensing in Asia. His philosophy is simple — friendship first.

Walter Scott and DigitalGlobe changed the way we see the world
Walter Scott’s technology prowess has laid the foundation for a more socially relevant private satellite industry and opened up earth observation capabilities in commercial and consumer domains.

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