Apr 27, 2014

UNOSAT NEWS SERVICE 28 April 2014: Master GIS training; Damage Assessment in Solomon Islands; Live video from International Space Station; Southern Africa heavy rain accumulation, Piracy

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The 2014 edition of the master GIS training confirms the success of UNOSAT hands-on learning formula

22 April 2014, Geneva, Switzerland – The fourth edition of the UNOSAT master training on “Geo-Information in Disaster Situations” was delivered by UNOSAT experts from 26 March to 15 April. The course is part of the Master in Disaster Management of the University of Copenhagen and a celebrated opportunity for disaster management professionals and students to learn directly from operational experts the value of satellite technology and GIS solutions applied to disaster management and emergency response. The course was delivered at a ICRC training centre near Geneva and attended by 9 disaster management professionals who all passed the final tests successfully.

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Satellite analysis supports damage assessment in Solomon Islands

16 April 2014, Geneva, Switzerland – Solomon Islands have been dramatically impacted by floods that began in early April and continued for over one week causing 21 deaths and an estimated 52,000 affected across Honiara City and greater Guadalcanal. OCHA reports that over 10 UN agencies are in Honiara to distribute relief supplies and to provide expertise across coordination, protection, health, logistics and water, sanitation and hygiene in a situation made complex by the destruction of infrastructure, the contamination of water and the scarcity of medical supplies. Solomon’s Red Cross Secretary General described the floods as “a tragedy none of us saw coming”.

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UNOSAT set to use live video from International Space Station

On April 3, 2014 the company UrtheCast announced its first release of Earth imagery captured by its medium-resolution camera installed outside the body of the International Space Station (ISS). Scott Larson, founder and Chief Executive Officer, described the event as “a pivotal moment for the company and for everyone who’s been a part of the vision that we set in motion in 2010”.

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Satellite data helps understand Southern Africa heavy rain accumulation

28 March, Geneva, Switzerland – The rainy season in Southern Africa is often the cause of flooding with widespread impact on population and agriculture. Countries usually affected include Mozambique, Tanzania, Madagascar and Zimbabwe. In some instances the impact may cause serious humanitarian consequences as it was the case in 2000 and again in 2013.

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UNOSAT Global Report on Maritime Piracy – a geospatial analysis 1995-2013

Following a five year engagement by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to conduct applied research and geospatial analysis on piracy activities, this report constitutes the first global geospatial analysis on the issue. What started with identifying captured ships delivering humanitarian assistance and other goods using satellite imagery later expanded to regional geospatial analyses for the western Indian Ocean. The current report assesses piracy at the global level.

“More information including Executive Summary, map-examples and link to full report:https://www.unitar.org/unosat/piracy

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