May 25, 2011

UN-SPIDER Newsletter, May

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We are pleased to publish the UN-SPIDER May 2011 Newsletter. Our periodic Newsletters contain news on recent UN-SPIDER activities.

This publication is accessible at “UN-SPIDER Newsletter”:

In addition we would like to announce that the proceedings of the 2010 UN-SPIDER Bonn Workshop are now online! Go to Bonn Workshop to read more.

In this issue:

  • SpaceAid
    SpaceAid resource page contributes to information- and data flow after earthquake and tsunami in Japan

  • Outreach
    -Satellite communication, a failsafe option for disaster management and emergency response
    -UNOOSA seminar at GSSF, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    -Training Course at Arab Naif University for Security Sciences, Riyadh, and visits with the top management of International Organizations in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    -Now online! Proceedings of the Fourth International UN-SPIDER Bonn Workshop
    -Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction
    -UN-SPIDER Side Event at the Third Global Platform
  • Interview
    -Juan Acuña about the Chilean Space Agency and its role in disaster management
  • Network
    -OGC reduces membership fees for developing nations
  • Project Development
    -Regional answers to global challenges: UN-SPIDER contributes to workshop on global environmental change and water-related diseases in Uzbekistan