Aug 05, 2013

UN - Spider (July Newsletter)

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UN-SPIDER at a glance

Astronauts, DLR and the UN discuss Space and Sustainable Development
UN-SPIDER co-organizes training on space technologies for floods

News from our Regional Support Offices

Pakistan: SUPARCO hosts COSPAS-SARSAT Search and Rescue Exercises
EMERCOM joins forces with US Federal Emergency Management Agency
IGAC: Applying the Land Cover Classification System in Colombia
SUPARCO contributes to 2013 National Monsoon Contingency Planning

News from our Community

India: First navigation satellite launched
International Charter activated four times in July
NASA/CNES Ocean satellite retired after succesful mission
Astrium and CNES improve Pléiades image quality
India: GIS used in the flood Mapping Project to prevent damages
GPS helps to measure and map hurricane wind speeds

Upcoming events

2-4 September 2013: United Nations/Indonesia International Conference on Integrated Space Technology Applications to Climate Change
23-25 October 2013: United Nations International Conference on Space-based Technologies for Disaster Management – “Disaster risk identification, assessment and monitoring” – apply now
18-29 November 2013: International Training Course on Small Satellite Missions