Nov 12, 2015

Three EU Horizon 2020 calls on Earth Observation opened

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On November, 10th the submission session to three H2020 calls on Earth Observation was opened. The topics of the calls are:

  • EO-1-2016: Downstream applications (IA Innovation action)
  • EO-2-2016: Downstream services for public authorities (PCP Pre-Commercial Procurement)
  • EO-3-2016: Evolution of Copernicus services (RIA Research and Innovation action)

The deadline for submitting the proposals for all calls is 3 March 2016 17:00.

Proposals may address a wide variety of applications stemming from the use of Earth observation and its smart integration with other related technologies. Copernicus should be considered as part of the solution, which may include other space or non-space inputs. This is likely to lead to greater value, opportunities and especially market uptake, that is why a business model should be part of the proposals.