Mar 12, 2012

The "obsAIRve" ideas competition is asking the European citizens for concepts and ideas of how to communicate air quality to the public.

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Do you have an idea how citizens could best be informed about air quality issues?

Then SUBMIT YOUR IDEA online and get the chance to WIN an iPad each month. The first prize for the overall winner – who will be selected among all monthly winners by the end of the competition – is a weekend trip to a major European capital.

Sensitive discussions on particle matter (PM) and driving bans in many European city centers show that air quality has become a very sensitive and difficult issue in modern industrial societies. The discussion needs to be taken further: On the one hand, clean air is a fundamental right to every citizen, but on the other hand, economic interests (transport, tourism, etc.) also need to be considered.

The aim of the “obsAIRve” ideas competition is to raise public awareness for air quality issues in cities, by directly engaging interested citizens and their ideas for communication strategies. The concepts should disclose the contradictions between environmental and economic interests and address them with appropriate methods of communication between concerned citizens and responsible authorities.

Here is an example of such a communication campaign:

In Paris and Ile-de-France region, Airparif provides its air quality data to the regional TV (France 3 Ile-de-France) for its daily air quality bulletin, to the municipality of Paris for its luminous board, and to an hot air balloon which changes color depending on the air quality index.

To submit your idea, please follow this link In addition to a written description, it is also possible to upload images, sketches, designs, etc. (upload of files max. 10MB).

The ideas competition is open for participation until December 31, 2012. Each month, one winning idea will be chosen. The monthly winner receives an iPad and the idea will be published on the obsAIRve portal as well as via social media. After the final deadline, the overall winner will be selected from all monthly winners and receive a weekend trip to a major European capital. The winning idea will be promoted on the obsAIRve portal as well as via social media.