Mar 12, 2016

The MESA project started deployment of satellite receiving stations

First published on Friday 11 March

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Following the successful factory acceptance test (FAT) in Toulouse, France in December 2015, the Monitoring for Environment and Security in Africa (MESA) started deploying satellite receiving stations to the beneficiary institutions in Africa. The deployment started with a first batch of seven (07) reference stations and a training center which are being shipped to Botswana, Mauritius, Niger, Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo.

In total, 55 stations for meteorological services, 115 stations for environmental services and related sectors, and 4 training centers will be installed.

“With MESA, Africa has the opportunity to monitor environment and respond to environmental phenomena including disasters in near real time. This is a solid contribution towards protecting human life and property, securing livelihoods and attaining food security” said Dr. Jolly Wasambo, MESA Project Coordinator of the African Union Commission.

The deployed stations enable 48 African ACP countries to access reliable, timely and accurate land, marine and climate data and information for Africa. It also increases the capacity in information management, decision making and planning of continental, regional and national institutions mandated for environment, climate and food security.