Sep 17, 2013

The Environment Agency Uses Geocortex Essentials for Web-GIS to help Inform Decisions

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Following a procurement options appraisal, The Environment Agency selected Geocortex Essentials as part of its Strategic Mapping Platform and next generation EasiMap application. 1Spatial, the UK and Ireland reseller for Latitude Geographics, supplied Geocortex Essentials and helped the Environment Agency implement the EasiMap application.

EasiMap is the Environment Agency’s primary web-GIS application, providing geographic information, comprehensive map and data navigation, querying and reporting, as well as a range of purpose-specific tools via a browser to internal users.

EasiMap will be available to 12,000 people around England through the Environment Agency. On average, over 3,000 people will log into the system via the internal intranet every day.

Rob Jones, Head of Mapping and GIS, Environment Agency, said:
“The agility of Geocortex is excellent and it is very easy to manage and configure. The fact that business or data people can configure EasiMap, as opposed to IT specialists is a real bonus to us. The 1Spatial team have provided good support and helped us out with any problems. They have always communicated really well and have helped us with development where the solution needed to be customised for our needs. 1Spatial will provide ongoing support for the product”.

Marcus Hanke, CEO, 1Spatial, commented:
“1Spatial is all about managing and making trusted data accessible to users and decision makers and our team is extremely experienced in managing and servicing spatial big data holdings. As one of the largest users of location based data in the UK, we have been delighted to work with the Environment Agency throughout the project and are excited to see EasiMap come through Beta and into full release this Autumn”.

The new solution went into Beta test in July 2013 with a planned go live in Autumn 2013. This will then be rolled out to the 12,000 plus users. To find out more about the project, read the full case study at

About 1Spatial

1Spatial technology provides the foundations for spatial data management and processing solutions for organisations around the world. Its rules-based approach to capturing, validating, and managing spatial big data enables customers to process and analyse information in a way that traditional technologies do not allow. 1Spatial operates globally, and has a portfolio of customers both in the Commercial and Government sector, with headquarters in Cambridge, UK and offices in Ireland and Australia.

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About the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency (EA) is an executive non departmental public body responsible to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Its principal aims are to protect and improve the environment and to promote sustainable development. It plays a central role in delivering the environmental priorities of central government through its functions and roles.

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About Latitude Geographics

Latitude Geographics Group Ltd. is a software company based in Victoria, B.C. Canada.

Their primary focus is the design and development of Geocortex software. Through Geocortex and related services, they help organizations maximize the potential of their investment in Esri web mapping technology, so that employees, citizens, and other stakeholders can get things done like never before.

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