Oct 27, 2011

The Deimos-1 satellite captures unpublished images of the volcanic sea stain near El Hierro Island

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Madrid, 24 October 2011. The Deimos-1 Earth observation satellite, launched in space by Elecnor in July 2009, captured an image of the volcanic sea stain caused by the submarine eruption occurring over the past few days at El Hierro Island.

As the Deimos-1 satellite image displays, captured only yesterday, the large sea stain is extending south from the island towards the Atlantic Ocean. It has not affected the rest of El Hierro but is now larger than the island’s total surface area.
The Deimos-1 satellite is the first European Earth observation satellite to be privately funded in its entirety. It was developed by Elecnor Deimos, the Elecnor technology division, to obtain high- resolution images of the Earth for subsequent processing and use in various applications, such as agriculture, the environment, defence, climate change, deforestation, the fight against natural disasters and water resources control.

The satellite’s main instrument is a set of 6 cameras facing the Earth, which can acquire images on 3 different spectrum bands with a detail of 22 metres. The Deimos-1 satellite provides added value to this space segment nearing the 20-metre mark, such as the wide sweep of its images close on
640 km, among other factors.

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