Sep 18, 2019

Survey about a sustainable framework for the geospatial FOSS ecosystem

Given the interest in free and open source solutions for geospatial within the community, an industry position to support a sustainable framework for the geospatial FOSS ecosystem will be elaborated. This survey is intended to gather data from the community.

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The survey is designed for anyone in the private sector who uses or engages in any way with free and open source technology in the geospatial domain, whether passively or actively through contributions. We aim for the survey experience to be relatively short and straight forward.

We ask for no more than 10 minutes of respondents’ time. This necessarily limits the number of topics we can cover.

There are 23 questions in this survey. Please find attached the pdf and at the following link the online version.

If questions please do not hesiatte to contact monica.miguel-lago at earsc

(OSI) EARSC developing a common position regarding Free and Open Source Solutions for Geospatial Data Exploitation.pdf