Jul 24, 2015

Supergeo resells Formosat-2 imagery

(21 July 2015) Supergeo Technologies has announced an agreement with National Space Organization (NSPO), Taiwan to resell the satellite imagery of Formosat-2.

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The 891km-above-ground Formosat-2 is the first remote sensing satellite developed by NSPO, Taiwan. Its daily revisiting feature helps clients to capture an image of anywhere around the globe everyday. This flexibility enables researchers to observe the ground closely for land distribution, natural resources research, environmental protection, disaster prevention and rescue work, etc.

With SuperGIS Desktop, researchers are able to import satellite imagery and utilize tools like SuperGIS DataRectifier and Georeferencing to define the coordinate system. Also, various raster analyst tools and SuperGIS Spatial Analyst are designed to assist users with advanced analysis applications.

The cooperation between Supergeo and NSPO reveals the rapid development of geospatial technologies in Taiwan. The solution, including full-function GIS software and high-resolution satellite images, provide worldwide users with a better choice for data acquisition and spatial analysis.

(source: Supergeo)