May 07, 2015

Successful deployment of the new SMOS level 1 and level 2 algorithm baseline V620 in the operational processing

ESA would like to inform SMOS data users about the successful deployment of the new level 1 processor version 620, the new level 2 sea surface salinity processor version 622 and the new level 2 soil moisture processor version 620 in the operational ground segment.

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The algorithm evolutions implemented in these new processors and the main improvements in the quality of the SMOS data products are described in the read-me-first note available here:

  • L1 data release read-me-first note
  • L2 sea surface salinity data release read-me-first note
  • L2 soil moisture data release read-me-first note

SMOS data users are invited to read these notes carefully to ensure optimum exploitation of the new dataset.

The Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Documents (ATBDs), providing a full description of the algorithms used, are available here.

The SMOS data products generated with this new algorithm baseline have sensing start time 5 May 2015 onwards. After the deployment of the new level 2 processors, the various current files used to process the data will gradually reach the required accuracy. For this reason the nominal quality of the level 2 products will be recovered after about 6 days for the soil moisture products and after about 10 days for the sea surface salinity products.

The new SMOS data products are disseminated as OPER file class through the standard user interface. Read more for further details on how to access the SMOS data.

Please also note the announcement of access to the level 1 reprocessed datasets available here.

The distribution of the complete level 2 reprocessed dataset is envisaged for end of 2015.