Mar 06, 2015

Startup Weekend Space

Startupweekend Space, a 60-hour event that will take place on April 10-12 in Bremen, focused on creating startups in the space sector.

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What is Startupweekend Space about?

The event starts friday morning with a series of talks and workshops to warm-up the participants. In the afternoon, the participants give a 60 second pitch, and teams are formed arround the top ideas. The teams then work under supervision of experienced mentors to develop the idea util sunday afternoon, when the result is presented to a panel of judges and investors.

Who should come?
We are targeting multidisciplinary teams! So not only engineers, but people from arts and humanities are encouraged.

Everyone is needed at SW Space! Please, find attached the original press release, an event description summary, including a discount code, that you can use and redistribute to your network