Feb 22, 2016

Startup Building Radar Wins Space App Camp

Following a round of public pitches and jury deliberation, the winners of the Space App Camp were announced at the SAP stand on February 22.

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The winning team – Building Radar – won the jury over with its concept to offer early detection of construction projects based on its proprietary satellite-supported search algorithm and thus a professionalization of pipeline management in the construction industry . As their prize, they will receive a check for €5,000 and an opportunity to join the SAP Startup program. Raoul Friedrich, co-founder of Building Radar, says, “The next step is to scale up business – to grow more and to sell the product.” Based in Munich, Germany, Building Radar is already providing service to a handful of customers in diverse markets.

Under the sponsorship and management of SAP’s CIO Center for Digital Leadership, the Space App Camp challenged young university talents and promising startups to develop SAP industry use cases based on Earth Observation data from the European Space Agency (ESA) on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The five participating teams were selected from a field of 400 applicants to present their concepts at MWC16.

“With our innovation fast-track approach at the Space App Camp, we aim to help startups and young university talents to rethink how business is done today, bring ideas to prototypes in only two days as well as convert them into live solutions in only a few months,” said Dr. Carsten Linz, Business Development Officer and global head of SAP’s CIO Center for Digital Leadership. “Collaborating with ESA helps us to combine the power of SAP HANA Cloud Platform with ESA’s accurate, timely, and easily accessible Earth Observation information. This is digital innovation at its best and it helps to shape the future of the digital economy.”

The CIO Center for Digital Leadership manages SAP’s digital transformation; showcases its approach to customers; drives digital platform-based innovation in an open ecosystem with SAP employees, student teams, and startups; and addresses digitalization holistically addressing customers’ c-level audience.

During the Space App Camp presentation at MWC16, Linz and Prof. Volker Liebig, director of Earth Oberservation Programs for the ESA, signed a letter of intent to further enhance the partnership in using the SAP HANA Cloud Platform with Earth observation data from ESA in joint innovation programs.

Josef Aschbacher, Head of the Programme Planning and Coordination Service, Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes, ESA, explained why this action is meaningful in establishing ongoing cooperation between SAP and ESA. “The significance is that two big players in different domains are getting together and in a formal way have signed a cooperation: SAP, being a market leader in Big Data processing with the SAP HANA platform, and ESA, being a big provider of Earth observation satellite Earth data, which are huge volumes of data and need to be processed very fast.” He summarized by saying, “So, you have the SAP HANA platform on one side and the ESA data on the other side – the perfect match for good cooperation.”

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