May 25, 2011

Spatial Law and Policy Update

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EU’s Web Privacy Law on ‘Cookies’ May Trigger Legal Confusion (Bloomberg) I worry that similar concerns will arise with respect to regulating geolocation information.

Precision, Privacy, Measurement White Paper on mobile privacy coauthored by Mobile Marketing Assocation.

India inks data privacy law (CIO UK) Sensitive information did not include location information in the last draft that I saw. I am searching for an English version of the final law. Important for those outsourcing to India.

Our data, ourselves (Boston Globe) Is privacy keeping us from utilizing the full benefit of infosphere?

Privacy Polls and real-world trade-offs revisited (The Technology Liberation Front) Another perspective on privacy.

Schmidt: Google Trying To Simplify Privacy Policies, but Lawyers Get In the Way)

EU Opinion on Geolocation Services on Smart Mobile Devices The Europeans are taking a much narrower approach with respect to regulating location information – at least for now.

Korea implements Comprehensive Data Protection Law – Note discussion cites limits on CCTV – checking on if other location information may be covered. I am also searching for a final version of law in English.

Will a cackdown on privacy kill big data innovation?) Another article supportive of a rational privacy framework.

Do We Need Laws On Location Data? (PC World)

General Aviation Groups Ask Congress To Support Flight-tracking Privacy (Res Communis)

Intellectual Property
A blueprint for a modern intellectual property policy (The Guardian)

Data Quality/Liability
Driver distracted by computer causes brain injury (InjuryBoard blog network)

SF Parking App Gets Passing Grade, Not Perfect (San Francisco Chronicle)

Thinking Spatially About Crowdsourcing (Esri ArcWatch)

National Security/Law Enforcement
Crazy Military Tracking Technology (Gizmodo)

Recent Trips Programmed Into GPS Helped to Prove Burglaries (Volokh Conspiracy)

What is the Deal With Lightsquared/GPS dispute? (Directions)

Intelligent Transportation Systems
Federal Government expected to require cars have ‘black boxes’)

Practice of Law in the Era of Big Data (Corporate Counsel) Excellent article on the legal and policy issues – many of which are applicable to spatial data.

Sharing Principles, Policies and Law, Not Just Code A thoughtful analysis of the impact of a lack of a legal and policy framework on open source software.

Kevin Pomfret
Executive Director
Centre for Spatial Law and Policy