Jan 28, 2013

Space within reach. A new exhibition is open at the Moscow Education Museum

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Muscovites and city guests obtained a new opportunity to familiarize with modern space imagery technology, with the practical application of space images and to learn in form of a game, why Earth observation images are used in forestry and agriculture, transportation, construction, management, etc.

An opening ceremony of the exhibition “School of the 21 Century: From Traditional Culture to High Technology” took place at the Moscow Education Museum on January 23. The exhibition was organized with the support of ScanEx Research & Development Center.

The symbolic red ribbon was cut by the rector of the Moscow Institute of Open Education, academician Alexei Semenov and by General Director of ScanEx Vladimir Gershenzon.

— Our company treats education with reverence and care. It is important that our children know for school-days about the role of modern space technologies, that satellite images become inseparable part of day-to-day life, making it more open and save, – said ScanEx’s Deputy Director Marina Sergeeva, greeting the participants of the exhibition opening ceremony.

The exhibits of the “School of the 21 Century: From Traditional Culture to High Technology” exhibition are:

—“Alice-SC” station antenna system, intended for reception and processing of satellite information;

— a mockup of an Earth satellite, made by the students of the Siberian State Aerospace University after M. Reshetnev;

— information stands, interactive materials.

The key factor in the exhibition is the tour, conducted by the museum employees and developed by postgraduates of the Moscow Institute of Geodesy & Cartography Dmitry Lubnin, Anton Bystrov and Evgeny Stovolosov. The tour was conceived in the form of an active game. For example, after getting acquainted with the technology of direct space data reception, as well as with the Earth remote sensing development history, the exhibition participants lay an optimal the route for ice-breakers navigation in freezing waters; select detours for ships around the harp seal whelping areas on the ices of the White Sea to protect the animals from getting killed, etc. Modeling of ships movement along the selected route is done on-line using ScanEx Image Processor software application.

Another exhibition “Streets of Moscow, calling to hit the road: ethnic-cultural trip through Russia” was held on January 23 at the Moscow Education Museum.

— Education in the book and on the school black board — it is one and the same education. Exhibitions, museum expositions are still in demand and irreplaceable for expansion of basic and special knowledge, for shaping of the interest towards getting further new knowledge along the pupils, — says Moscow Education Museum Director Academician Gennady Yagodin.

New expositions of the Moscow Education Museum are aimed first of all at schoolchildren. Everyone interested may pay a visit to such exhibitions.