Jan 29, 2014

ScanEx RDC starts to spread COSMO-SkyMed radar images in Russia

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ScanEx Research & Development Center and the Italian e-GEOS company – the world’s largest Operator of four COSMO-SkyMed radar satellites, signed a reseller agreement, under which ScanEx RDC began to distribute COSMO-SkyMed radar images in Russia. For now on ScanEx RDC is capable of providing data received from all operating commercial ERS radar satellites!

ScanEx Center will supply customers with products based on the COSMO-SkyMed images, under existing and future contracts to resolve a variety of operational monitoring tasks: natural disasters and emergency, maritime monitoring for detection of ships, oil spills and ice condition control, on-line detection of forest logging and monitoring of earth surface displacements.

The advantage of the COSMO-SkyMed constellation is the possibility of a recurrent daily imaging of any area on the Earth: up to 16 times at the 70 degrees latitude and up to 4 times at the equator within one 24-hour period. Service desks for customer’s urgent orders handling are up and running both at e-GEOS and ScanEx RDC. As a result, for the first time in Russia a regular supply of COSMO-SkyMed products has been launched based on rush orders’ on-line processing pattern.