Dec 06, 2012

ScanEx: Pleiades-1A satellite images on special terms. Requests are being accepted

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ScanEx Research and Development Center has signed the distribution agreement with Astrium GEO Information Services on selling Pleiades-1A, Pleiades-1B (launched successfully on December 2, 2012) and TerraSAR-X satellites data, as well as Elevation 30 (Reference3D и SPOT DEM Precision) and Elevation 10 value-added products.

Starting to sell data we offer special terms for images purchasing acquired from Pleiades-1A satellite. When ordering data before the end of this year the10% discount is applicable.

Currently Pleiades-1A products are supplied in three options: Black & White, Multispectral and Bundle. Streamlining access to new possibilities, ScanEx center offers the users to order one product (Bundle), and to get three and once (Black & White, Multispectral and Bundle)!

In addition, without additional payments until the yearend we offer services to conduct data ortho-transformation based on public SRTM digital elevation model. Pleiades-1A data and products examples are available by the following link

Very-high resolution of images (0.5 m resolution in PAN and 2 m in MS), wide swath (20 km) and 4-band multispectral imaging capabilities puts Pleiades-1A satellite in line with leading modern optical very high resolution systems.

Your requests are most welcome by phone +7 (495) 739-7385 or by e-mail: