Jan 28, 2011

ScanEx news

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ScanEx news

The hearings about high resolution Earth imaging prohibition will be resumed in Moscow

MOSCOW, RAPSI, Sergei Feklyunin. Federal court of arbitration of the Moscow Region approved the appeal of the ScanEx company, involved in Earth remote sensing data reception, processing and distribution in the part of requirements to the Russian Federal Space Agency to delete from the company license the prohibition to image the Earth from space with the resolution better than two meters, said a court representative to the Russian Agency on Legal and Judicial Information (RAPSI). More…

Space images were used to search for lost – Partner – schooner

Satellite radar imagery data was used to find the “Partner” fishing schooner lost in the Sea of Japan. According to Russian EMERCOM the area search operations for the “Partner” schooner that sent a distress call on January 7 in Tatar Strait near Sakhalin were terminated. Back on January 9 RADARSAT-2 satellite, equipped with multi-purpose radar delivered high resolution images of the “Partner” schooner search area. Ground assets of space data reception and processing of ScanEx and Samara State Aerospace University were used to get near real-time satellite images. More…

Russian space technology demonstrated in India at Geospatial World Forum

Russian ScanEx Research and Development Center took part in Geospatial World Forum (January 18-21, Hyderabad, India). Ilya Farutin, ScanEx Product Manager, told about company solutions for remote sensing data reception and processing, as well as about the possibilities of such technology application to tailor various near real-time solutions. More…