Sep 01, 2014

ScanEX: A unique archive of satellite images of the RF territory amounted to more than 3.5 million scenes

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Over the 10-year period a unique archive of satellite images covering the territory of the Russian Federation created by ScanEx RDC amounted to more than 3.5 million scenes. The volume of data received and stored constituted almost 400,000 gigabytes. The company started to compile a proprietary archive of Earth remote sensing data back in 1996, when the network of UniScan™ stations began to carry out satellite data reception throughout the country. UniSan™ ground stations enable to receive data from a variety of spacecrafts in almost any part of the Russian Federation and in much of the CIS countries. The archive contains satellite data with a spatial resolution of 0.5 to 150 meters per pixel. This library data are widely used not only in Russia, but all over the world through catalogs of international providers of satellite data.

Daily reception of the UniScan™ stations network during the active imaging season (May-September) constitutes up to 100 GB of operational data. It passes the processing cycle that includes:

  • Reception of telemetry by the network of UniScan™ stations (Moscow, Irkutsk, Magadan, Megion), as well as by the UniScan™ stations, acquired by partner organizations (OAO “Samara-Informsputnik”, Northern (Arctic) Federal University and others).
  • Transfer of raw files to the processing center via ftp.
  • Files handling in customized systems developed by the company specialists or at the processing terminals purchased from satellite data providers.
  • Storing of raw files or of intermediate low-level processing files in the archive, registration in catalogs.

As a result of such processing chain a data set is received from each telemetry pass, which consists of metadata and the quicklooks of acquired scenes. In turn, this data set replenishes the database of ScanEx RDC, catalogs of satellite data providers (MDA, Airbus DS, ImageSat), portals and services of “Kosmosnimki”, which publishes satellite data. After that users place requests with respect of the areas of their interest.

A significant portion of the most recent data in the archive, received in 2013 and 2014, are the images from SPOT 5/6 satellites of Airbus DS. ScanEx RDC is the exclusive distributor of Airbus DS to receive and distribute data from SPOT series satellites, which are among the best in the industry in price/quality ratio.