Aug 08, 2014

SASTIND mobilizes 18 satellites to observe quake-striken Ludian

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A total of 18 Chinese and foreign remote-sensing satellites have been deployed, and the satellite image data covering nearly 100 scenes have been obtained by August 6, 2014, showing 10 landslides, 5 collapses, 5 slump bodies and 1 mudflow at Longtoushan town under Ludian county of Zhaotong city, southwest China’s Yunnan province, reporter learned from the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND).

Specifically, there have been a number of secondary geological disasters on both banks of the Shaba River, which have blocked roads and have an adverse impact on the earthquake relief work.

Five home-made satellites, namely Gaofen No 1, Resource No 3, Practice No 9, Environment-1A and Environment-1B, have been involved in the emergency observation over the earthquake-stricken areas in Ludian county, according to sources.

In addition, the SASTIND obtained the image data about the earthquake in Ludian county from 13 foreign remote-sensing satellites according to the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters.