Sep 27, 2015


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RPAS Portal are proud sponsors of Skytech 2016 and we thought you would be interested to learn more about us.

Is your organisation flying drones for commercial purposes?

RPAS Portal enables you to fly smarter so you can focus on getting the best quality results for your clients and the job completed efficiently.

RPAS Portal provides the most comprehensive suite of online RPAS Operator tools. Use RPAS Portal to maintain the best practice for flying, reduce your administrative burden and instantly access and update your flight information, anytime, any place and on any device*. Our intuitive interface is simple and easy to use in order to complete your flight planning, risk assessment and monitor equipment performance and maintenance.

  • Assure clients of regulatory compliance and CAA best practice.
  • Support your method statement with the risk assessment tool.
  • Streamline your flight operations.
  • Record and manage all your UAS flying activities efficiently online including branded PDF’s and reports.
  • Works across multiple platforms and devices to provide access to your data anytime, any place.*
  • Maintain best practice and rest assured of safe and legal operations.
  • Collaborate with other operators as part of a team across projects.