Jul 26, 2011

Results for public consultation concerning a possible EU Space Programme

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This consultation was part of an impact assessment on a possible Commission proposal for an EU Space Programme concentrating on the protection of space infrastructures and space exploration.

The objective of the consultation was to obtain the views of the European public, as well as concerned European stakeholders, on the adequacy and the scope of possible EU measures in these fields.

All citizens and organisations were welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions were particularly sought from space policy stakeholders, including public authorities and space industry.

In response to the public consultation concerning a possible EU Space Programme we have received 608 responses from companies, national administrations, non-governmental organisations, business associations and individuals from European Union and elsewhere.

The results are summarized in two files, one contains raw statistical data representing the 608 responses, while the second displays the same data in graphics.

Background document

Response statistics

Response graphics