Apr 07, 2014

Release EOPages: the market place between EO industry and users

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of eopages (www.eopages.eu).

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This has been a major upgrade to re-structure services following the EARSC taxonomy and nomenclature and to finalise the development of a private API for EOpages which will allow other accredited organisations to use the EARSC database on EO suppliers. It will provide the companies with a single location where they can maintain their contact details and capabilities but which can be extracted by other sites to be used in conjunction with their specific applications.

EOpages provides online content on the capabilities of the general EO industry. Search & find is able to identify relevant information via an in-depth crawling of geo- information companies by organising, classifying and displaying the results.

We are confident that this new version will make it easier for potential clients to find the solutions which they need and their potential suppliers. We shall be looking at further promotion of EOpages over the next few months.

(www.eopages.eu) (www.earsc.org)