Nov 08, 2012

RapidEye Press Release: RapidEye Joins ESA Third Party Mission Program

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Brandenburg / Havel, Germany, November 08, 2012 – RapidEye, a leader in
high-resolution, wide area repetitive coverage of earth through its
constellation of five satellites announced today that it is now part of the
European Space Agency’s (ESA) Third Party Mission (TPM) Program. Through this
program, ESA provides data to the European and international scientific user
community, as well as to suppliment its own internal projects for research and
application development.

RapidEye’s archive data is now available to the scientific user community from
ESA member states (including Canada), the European Commission Member States, as
well as Africa and China (as part of the Dragon program) through project
proposal submission on ESA’s Earthnet Online Portal.

ESA’s TPM scheme has been in effect for more than 30 years and is funded under
ESA’s Earthnet activity. It currently includes over fifteen active missions.

More information about the TPM program and instructions on how to apply for
RapidEye data, visit the ESA website at:

About RapidEye

RapidEye is a leading provider of quality high-resolution satellite imagery.
With a constellation of five Earth Observation satellites, RapidEye images up to
5 million square kilometers of earth every day, and adds at least one billion
square kilometers of imagery to its archive every year.

Online searching and viewing of its massive collection of imagery is quick and
easy with EyeFind, RapidEye’s archive discovery tool. With an unprecedented
combination of wide area repetitive coverage and five meter pixel size
multi-spectral imagery, RapidEye is a natural choice for many industries and
government agencies.
RapidEye: Delivering the World.

RapidEye Contact
Kim Douglass, Communications Manager
Molkenmarkt 30
14776 Brandenburg a. d. Havel, Germany
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