Oct 19, 2010

RapidEye Press Release: RapidEye Images The Complete Territory Of France For Cemagref Through Its Partnership With Geosys

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Brandenburg / Havel, Germany, October 19, 2010 – RapidEye, the only geospatial
solutions provider to own and operate a constellation of five identical Earth
Observation satellites, announced today that GEOSYS has been chosen by
Cemagref to provide the complete coverage of the French territory with
RapidEye ortho-rectified satellite imagery at 5 m pixel resolution, taken
over the period from May to September 2010. The ability to acquire several
million square kilometers of images daily with the RapidEye satellite
constellation allows GEOSYS to seamlessly meet their needs in just a few
months, after the image acquisition, processing and delivery of the data.

The open tender launched for this acquisition under the Public Procurement
Code, derives from the will of Cemagref and its partners to facilitate access
to geospatial information for research and public actors, including
administrations and local authorities in charge of agriculture, environment
and territory. This requirement was acknowledged and launched by the project
GEOSUD (“Geoinformation for Sustainable Development” or “Information Space
and Sustainable Development”) in partnership between Cemagref, AgroParisTech,
CIRAD and IRD. The first satellite coverage of France conducted by GEOSYS
RapidEye will be a crucial element.

On May 29, 2010, GEOSYS became the unique distributor of RapidEye satellite
imagery in France. RapidEye and GEOSYS look forward to consolidate their
partnership and to contribute in developing the French market with this very
innovative approach of CEMAGREF.

About RapidEye AG

RapidEye is an ISO-certified geospatial information provider focused on
integrating customized and industry specific solutions into the workflow of
global customers in agriculture, forestry, energy, infrastructure,
government, security and emergency. RapidEye experts and the technical
system – a constellation of five satellites capable of downloading over 4
million km² of high resolution, multi-spectral imagery per day, and a ground
segment for processing and archiving data – allow for cost-effective
customized services. The unique combination of large area coverage, high
spatial resolution and the possibility of daily revisit to an area provide
for superior management information solutions. Currently, more than 130
experts from more than 20 countries are employed by RapidEye, with plans to
grow the team to about 140 in 2010.

RapidEye benefits from a public-private partnership with the Space Agency of
the German Aerospace Center (DLR). RapidEye has also received funding from
the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the federal republic of
Germany and the State of Brandenburg in Germany. For more information on ERDF
please contact efreinfo@mw.brandenburg.de.

For more information about RapidEye, please visit www.rapideye.de

*About CEMAGREF, a research institute in science and technology for the

Public institution under the joint supervision of the ministries in charge of
research and agriculture, Cemagref conducts research scale environmental
planning, action-oriented and focused on three key societal challenges:
managing sustainable water and territories, natural hazards and environmental
quality. With a total budget of € 110 million, of which 30% of own resources,
Cemagref has a workforce of 1,600 people, including 950 scientists,
distributed in 9 centers in France and 25 research units. Inserted into the
landscape of French and European research, he conducts his research in public
policy support and in partnership with industry. He is involved in a dozen
clusters. He graduated in 2006 the Carnot label for all its activities.
For more information on CEMAGREF: www.cemagref.fr

About Geosys

Geosys is an international leader that helps professionals in agriculture and
renewable resources to make better economic, environment and agronomic
decisions with Remote Sensing, Agronomy and Geographic Information Systems in
more than 50 countries. Geosys provides its agricultural services and
expertise to leaders in commodities trading, agribusiness, international
organizations, scaling from international corporations to crop consultants.
Geosys is a private company, with offices in Europe (Toulouse, France) and in
North America (Minneapolis, MN, USA) and values its expertise in data
sourcing and management with a dedicated department that sells data such as
satellite imagery and digital elevation models to all users, mainly in
France. For more information about Geosys please visit www.geosys.com

Press contact: Céline Tazky: +33 (0) 5 62 47 80 80, press@geosys.com
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