May 26, 2015

Rapid Analysis and Spatialisation and Of Risk – RASOR

An Invitation to partner 30 July 2015, Milan Italy (Room 4-5, level -1)

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The RASOR Consortium will host a one-day SME Workshop, together with EARCS and IGARSS. The purpose of the workshop is to develop partnerships in the development and application of the RASOR platform.

RASOR is a multi-hazard risk analysis software platform to support the full cycle of disaster management. RASOR uses the 12m resolution TanDEM-X Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of RASOR partners DLR/Airbus Defence and Space as a ground layer for risk management applications, on which RASOR users superpose data sets and develop specific disaster scenarios.

RASOR overlays archived and near-real time very-high resolution optical and radar satellite data, combined with in-situ data for both global and local applications. A scenario-driven query system allows users to project situations into the future and model multi-hazard risk both before and during an event. RASOR is an open source, freely available tool, but selected RASOR partners offer add-on products and provide targeted value-added services.

The aim of the workshop is to foster new interest in such partnerships and discuss the applications of the RASOR platform.

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