Jun 14, 2013

Public Hearing on Copernicus Data Requirements for 2014-2020

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On 17th May 2013, the European Commission organised in Brussels a public Hearing on data requirements for the Copernicus programme.

The purpose of this meeting was to receive inputs from Users to update the Data Warehouse document, defining the satellite data needs, independently of the sources of the data (public missions, including the Sentinel satellites, or commercial missions) for the period 2014-2020.

This updated document will be used as the basis to acquire the data with the support of ESA and EUMETSAT. Depending on the licensing conditions attached to the requested data, licences for the use of some satellite datasets may need to be acquired through a public procurement procedure, organized by ESA, as it has been done during previous phases.

The meeting was chaired by the European Commission, represented by Reinhard SCHULTE-BRAUCKS, Head of Copernicus Unit (Enterprise and Industry Directorate General). ESA was represented by Bianca Hoersh. Representatives of Copernicus operational services and research projects were also present at the Hearing, together with representatives of Copernicus Users, Member States, national space agencies, EUMETSAT, EU agencies and other Commission Directorate Generals.

The presentations made during the hearing are available here

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