Nov 21, 2014

Powerful Out-of-the-Box Land Cover Mapping Solution

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eCognition® Essentials is a new software solution for geospatial and remote sensing professionals performing land cover mapping tasks using imagery.

eCognition Essentials offers an intuitive image analysis solution that allows users of all levels to quickly produce high-quality Geographic Information System (GIS)-ready deliverables. Intelligent and easy to use in Forest, Agricultural and Land Cover Mapping.

Remote sensing and GIS analysts can use this software with minimal training, allowing them time to focus on the interpretation of results and decision making.

Key features:

  • Intuitive, graphical user interface to perform land cover mapping from imagery
  • Guided workflows for effectively transforming image data into actionable intelligence
  • Improve productivity across the organization by reducing time needed for geospatial image analysis

“eCognition Essentials resolves a key challenge with object-based image analysis by simplifying and streamlining the workflow to quickly extract geospatial information from remote sensing imagery” Alain Samaha, business area director of GIS and Software for Trimble’s Geospatial Division.