Sep 20, 2012

Pléiades Users Group, 10 Days Left to Submit your Project

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Astrium Services gives worldwide users the opportunity to assess Pléiades data for their project. Selected projects will receive Pléiades products free of charge, and will join the users group feedback forum.

Toulouse, France – 20 September 2012 – Astrium Services launched the Pléiades Users Group during the ISPRS Conference held last month in Melbourne. This group has been created to offer opportunities to assess the utility of Pléiades data for applications and to allow users to share feedback and experiences. It is open to all satellite data users across any area of activity.

To this end, Astrium Services has issued a call for projects with a plan to share the first results by mid-2013 at a special seminar. To participate, applicants just need to register online at There, they may submit a site for which reference terrain data is available – for example, ground control points, a DEM, 3D model, land-use/land-cover or cadastral data – and briefly describe their assessment project. Preference will be given to projects ready to make their reference terrain data available to the Pléiades Users Group.

Projects may be submitted until 30 September 2012.

Astrium Services will provide Pléiades products free of charge for all areas of interest in selected projects. In return, selected candidates agree to communicate their results to all members of the Pléiades Users Group before April 2013. Lastly, all images will be made available to users group members, so that users not in possession of terrain data or whose projects do not make the selection, may take part in the Pléiades data assessment effort.

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Through its GEO-Information business, Astrium Services is recognized as one of the leaders in the geo-spatial information market, not least thanks to the now fully integrated skills and resources of the former Spot Image and Infoterra. The company provides decision-makers with complete solutions enabling them to increase security, boost agricultural performance, maximize oil & gas or mining operations, improve their management of natural resources, and protect the environment. It has exclusive access to data from the SPOT, TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X and Pléiades satellites, coupled with a complete range of space-based data sources and airborne acquisition capability allowing it to offer an unrivalled scope of Earth observation products and services. This extensive portfolio covers the entire geo-information supply chain, from the generation of images to the provision of high added-value information to end-users.

By leveraging the synergies and expertise available across the whole of Astrium Services, its GEO-Information teams develop innovative, yet competitive, custom-made solutions based on the combination and integration of Earth observation, navigation and high-end telecommunications.

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