Feb 02, 2015

Planet Labs to improve satellite imagery of Wilbur-Ellis' agriculture data tool, Agverdict

(2 February 2015) Wilbur-Ellis Company has reached an agreement with Planet Labs to bring satellite imagery to the AgVerdict software platform, Wilbur-Ellis’ industry leading technology in agricultural data usage.

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This enhancement will significantly improve the delivery of satellite imagery to a grower, making the data available in a matter of minutes rather than days.

“We’re excited to work with Planet Labs on this endeavor as the company changes the speed in which agriculture utilizes imagery,” said Michael Wilbur, vice president of Data Services and Field Technology, Wilbur-Ellis. “Timely and frequent imagery will give our growers the advantage to act immediately in order to prevent problems and will help them make more efficient decisions to their crop production.”

This new feature will benefit Wilbur-Ellis customers by providing imagery using “ultra-compact” satellites that will soon scan the planet every twenty-four hours.

From their headquarters in San Francisco, Planet Labs designs, builds and operates a network of satellites they call “Doves.” In January 2014, Planet Labs delivered Flock 1, the world’s largest constellation of Earth-imaging satellites, made up of 28 Doves. To date, Planet Labs has launched 71 Doves.

Josh Alban, vice president of Sales, Planet Labs comments, “Planet Labs brings a unique capability to agricultural markets around the world: high frequency, good resolution and the ability to serve data at micro and macro levels. We are thrilled to work with AgVerdict, a best-in-class platform that makes a strong offering to the Ag retail community.”

More on AgVerdict

As a leading technology in agricultural data usage, AgVerdict combines field-specific data with agronomists’ knowledge for a strategic decision-making toolkit to maximize the customer’s return on investment. AgVerdict enables users to securely store data on a cloud-based system for easy access from any field location, and is available for iOS mobile devices. Working together with a Wilbur-Ellis agronomist, growers will find that the user-friendly software is customizable based on the operation, with GPS tracking that includes mapping, input usage on a per field basis, performance monitoring, record keeping, and the convenience to securely store years of data in one place.

About Wilbur-Ellis Company

Founded in 1921, Wilbur-Ellis is a leading international marketer and distributor of agricultural products, animal feed and specialty chemicals and ingredients. By developing strong relationships, making strategic market investments and capitalizing on new opportunities, Wilbur-Ellis has continued to grow its business with sales now over $3.1 billion.

Wilbur-Ellis’ Agribusiness Division is a recognized leader in the distribution and marketing of field technology, nutrition, plant protection and seed products across more than 250 crop segments in the United States.

About Planet Labs

Planet Labs Inc. is a purpose-driven space and data analytics company based in San Francisco, California, Earth. The company designs, builds and operates large fleets of Earth imaging satellites, with the goal of imaging the entire Earth every day. Planet Labs provides meaningful insights about our changing planet to commercial, enterprise and nonprofit organizations.

(source: Wilbur-Ellis Company)