Jul 15, 2014

Planet Labs Set to Launch 28 More Satellites on Saturday

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On Saturday (July 12th) at 10:14am Pacific / 1:14pm Eastern, Antares will launch, carrying 28 of our satellites to the International Space Station (ISS), from which they will be deployed within the next month. The 28 satellites will join the 11 satellites we just launched in June from Russia onboard a Ukrainian-built Dnepr rocket, and the spacecraft previously launched on Antares, Dnepr, and Soyuz rockets, bringing our total count of satellites launched to 71! We’re thrilled to launch our latest technology, and continue to multiply our on-orbit abilities, demonstrating what agile aerospace has to offer.

And, best of luck to all of the other teams working on satellites onboard Antares, including TechEdSat-4, Smart SPHERES, and SSEP.

While we all eagerly await the launch, check out this video to learn more about our satellites.

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