May 05, 2011

Pivotal Shift Underway in Satellite Observations of Earth

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Newswise — Making use of Earth remote sensing satellites to help monitor and perhaps defuse conflict is among the topics presented in the Spring 2011 issue of Imaging Notes magazine – a unique publication devoted to Earth remote sensing for security, energy and the environment.

Highlighted in the latest Imaging Notes is the Satellite Sentinel Project, spearheaded by Hollywood actor and activist, George Clooney – an initiative to keep a close eye via commercial satellites on border tensions between South and North Sudan.

Leveraging the ‘information cloud’

Thanks to the ease of use and accessibility of satellite data, a “pivotal shift” is underway, notes Myrna James Yoo, Publisher of Imaging Notes. “This data shift enables people to contribute data from the field and to incorporate social media and live feeds for disaster response, such as the devastating earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan,” Yoo explains.

The Satellite Sentinel Project and the article, “The Web of Geospatial Collaboration” illustrate this point, Yoo says. “They include a focus on leveraging the ‘information cloud’ to respond to real-time needs, such as event-specific, time-specific, and location-specific natural events.”

Also spotlighted in the Spring 2011 issue of Imaging Notes: Use of airborne Laser Detection and Ranging technology as a tool for plotting out the archeology of forested areas around the world; how communities eclipse governments in mapping the world thanks to a web of geospatial collaboration; and an informative look from “down under” as International Space University students meet in Australia to discuss, among a range of topics, Earth observation for the benefit of all nations.

Utility of space technologies

In 2009, Secure World Foundation (SWF) established a partnership with Imaging Notes magazine, said Dr. Ray Williamson, SWF’s Executive Director.

“A central focus of our Foundation centers on strengthening or developing the policies and institutions that improve the utility of space technologies in support of human and environmental security needs,” Williamson said. “We are pleased to be a partner with Imaging Notes to help support our objectives.”

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Released: 5/5/2011 10:00 AM EDT
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