Sep 17, 2013

ORBIT Communication Systems has just launched a new product family—the Gaia™ series

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[SatNews]The Gaia family is a high-performance ground station solution for tracking Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites in Earth observation and remote sensing applications. Supporting a range of antenna sizes, these ground stations offer an ideal combination of high performance in a compact footprint.

“With our new Gaia family, ORBIT addresses a void in the market, and opens the door to new Earth observation markets which could not afford to purchase legacy ground stations due to their size and cost,” said Ofer Greenberger, CEO of ORBIT Communication Systems. “To meet the needs of these markets, the Gaia family was specifically designed to accelerate return on investment. These ground stations are based on ORBIT’s world-renowned and field-proven technology and can operate on stable and unstable platforms, such as those used in maritime applications.”

Among new markets that can use Gaia are Value Added Service (VAS) providers, Oil & Gas exploration companies, ocean and climate monitoring experts, and disaster control specialists. Perfectly suited to the needs of mission-critical applications, Gaia ground stations can be located on building roofs, rig platforms or in an open field.

Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and to handle a broad range of challenging applications, Gaia can be operated anywhere on earth. The series comprises three different sizesd antennas: 2.4 meters (7.9 feet); 3.7 meters (12.1 feet); and 4.5 meters (14.7 feet). Each antenna supports X-band or S-Band (both transmit and receive) feeds, as well as a dual-band (S&X) feed.

ORBIT’s Advanced Control Loop™ algorithm guarantees unsurpassed accuracy, and enables Gaia ground stations to meet the most rigorous accuracy standards, including those required by Ka-band. The prediction algorithm embedded into the control loop mechanism can guarantee high pointing accuracy and maximum G/T over the tracking period without degradation of gain performance. Another key advantage of the Gaia series is that it offers an end-to-end ground station solution, starting from the antenna and including the complete RF chain. ORBIT’s turnkey solution includes overall responsibility and support for technical issues.

Gaia is backed by ORBIT’s global support presence with more than 60 years of experience in satellite tracking solutions, assuring reliable delivery with excellent service for customers around the globe. You can also see Gaia at ORBIT’s booth at GeoInt Symposium, #324, October 13-16, in Tampa, Florida, USA.