Apr 26, 2014

Ofek 10 observation satellite launches successfully

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Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel – The research and development department (MAFAT) of Israel’s Ministry of Defense in cooperation with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI Ltd.) launched the Ofek 10 satellite into space on April 9, 2014. The satellite was launched into orbit by a Shavit multi-stage satellite launcher from an Israeli Air Force test range.

According to plan, the satellite entered its orbit around the Earth, and underwent a series of tests to confirm its serviceability and accurate performance. The satellite then began transmitting data and visual material to Earth. Engineers from MAFAT with engineers from IAI are continuing to perform a series of planned tests until the satellite begins operational service.

Ofek 10 is an observation remote-sensing satellite that employs synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology with advanced “high-resolution” imagery, capable of operating day or night and in all weather conditions. Ofek 10 was developed on previous experience accrued during the development and production of the Ofek series of advanced satellites, the first of which was launched in 1988.

In addition to the primary contractor, IAI Ltd., a number of other Israeli companies cooperated in the staellite’s development and production, including Rafael, Spectralink from Elbit Systems, Rokar, and Israel Military Industries. Branches of the Israel Defense Forces were also involved including the Intelligence Branch and the Air Force.

Source: IAI Ltd.