Apr 17, 2015

NovaWurks partners with NorStar Space Data

(15 April 2015) NovaWurks and NorStar Space Data Inc (NSDI) announce today that they’ve signed an agreement for NovaWurks to provide the Space Segment for the NorthStar satellite constellation.

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Under this agreement, NovaWurks will develop the Space Segment specification, satellite design and concept of operations, which will lead towards the design, construction, test, launch and early on-orbit operations of the Space Segment.

“We are proud to be selected as a partner for the NorthStar system and are excited to be working with a like-minded corporation committed to fundamentally changing the way space products are brought to consumers,” said Talbot Jaeger, founder and Chief Technologist at NovaWurks. “Our support will be provided through Arkisys, a new entity recently founded to provide large scale systems engineering and integration using cellular technology.”

NovaWurks is pioneering a new approach for designing and building satellites where space systems are constructed by aggregating mass producible elements called satlets. With the NovaWurks Hyper-integrated Satlet, or HISat as the basic building block for the NorthStar space segment, the system will offer unprecedented capabilities to the commercial marketplace.

NORTHSTAR, being developed by NSDI, is an information system that includes a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation of 40 satellites to provide unique data sets on the ecological systems of Earth and utilizes Space Situational Awareness technology to track objects in space. “The revolutionary cellular technology developed at NovaWurks enables considerable flexibility in the NorthStar space segment design and operation at significantly reduced cost,” said Stewart Bain, President and CEO of NorStar Space Data Inc. “We are motivated to include NovaWurks as a key member of our industrial team.”

About NovaWurks

NovaWurks, Inc., located in Los Alamitos, California, invents, designs and creates high technology products and services for a broad range of applications for space. NovaWurks provides revolutionary space solutions based on the HISat-enabled cellular architecture – an affordable, flexible alternative to traditional monolithic, single purpose spacecraft. This spacecraft architecture provides a rapid, low cost Conformal Spacecraft – a spacecraft that actually conforms to the payload. The HISat-enabled cellular architecture provides significant cost reductions and increased flexibility when compared to traditional spacecraft architecture approaches.

About NorStar Space Data

NorStar Space Data Inc., based in Montreal, Quebec is a commercial venture developing the NORTHSTAR satellite information system designed to manage Earth’s natural resources, and track space debris accumulating around the planet.

(source: NovaWurks)