Sep 02, 2014

NGA's 'Map of the World' to offer integrated geospatial intelligence

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US: The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) envisages a dynamic, seamless Map of the World (MoW) by 2018 that enables users across the Intelligence Community (IC) to visualize and access integrated intelligence content tied to accurate and reliable geographic features on Earth.

NGA’s MoW is to function as the basis for multi-intelligence integration—the “geospatial bedrock” for all knowledge, information and intelligence, easily customisable by users.

The NGA 2018 Future State Vision, which explains the agency’s strategic direction over the next few years, calls for a MoW that exhibits “not only NGA-generated data” but also data generated by the IC, Defence Department and America’s allies.

Mike Weingord, director of the Content Management Office at NGA said, “About a year ago, it was really just a thought—what might we be able to do—and as of August [2014] we’ve achieved our first major milestone of getting 12 disparate content views alive, put out there, active and being served out.” Weingord is responsible for the creation, maintenance and publishing of MoW.

The data will be easily accessible and metadata-tagged, resulting in accurate content and insight that users need on a global basis for mission planning and situational awareness and mission planning.

The Agency has already awarded a $335 million contract to BAE Systems to maintain its MoW project.

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