Feb 06, 2019

NextGEOSS Public Release 1.0 is Live

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NextGEOSS Public Release 1.0 is Live

The EO sector is moving fast but is characterized by a strong fragmentation. From all parts, from the research, the private sector, entities are scattered even if they are involved in the same thematic or market, even if they use the same input data, even they face similar processing capabilities issues. Defragmentation is needed. Such as the eoMALL (https://eomall.eu, currently in beta version) dedicated to the promotion of EO online services, linking Service Providers and customers, NextGEOSS aims to facilitate the access and the processing of data to EO users. This is why EARSC is involved, with 6 other EARSC members (Vito, Terradue, Euroconsult, CLS, Deimos Space, Deimos Imaging) in this H2020 project lead by DEIMOS Elecnor.

NextGEOSS aims to facilitate the use and reuse of data or services using a cloud-based approach:

  • NextGEOSS is a data hub, harvesting data needed by pilots.
  • NextGEOSS is a tool to improve your knowledge of cloud capabilities and to leverage potential local IT constraints
  • NextGEOSS is a communication platform to increase the impact of your data, your products, your applications.

More than a platform, NextGEOSS is a process to, step by step, benefit from a federated approach linking global communities.

  • NextGEOSS has a specific onboarding process to support you to use cloud processing.
  • NextGEOSS offers a unique opportunity to show your commercial data to potential customers linked to GEO: public stakeholders, national and NGO organizations
  • NextGEOSS is a sounding board, by cataloguing your application, your service, your data, your product, you push forward the awareness of your exploitable results, to facilitate its re-use, to develop sales.

Interest to join? Visit the NextGEOSS webpage and fill the contact form.

Want to know more?

At 8h30 on February 7th, the NextGEOSS team will present the 1st release on twitter #NextGEOSS
Once a month, NextGEOSS performs a Webinar: Stay tuned link
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