Oct 31, 2016

New NEREUS Publication released on "How Space can Support the Agriculture sector"

A collection of 26 regional applications in the Agriculture sector was released by NEREUS. Compiled by the EO/Copernicus Working Group, chaired by Valerio Tramutoli (University of Basilicata) and Branka Cuca (Politcenico of Milano), the publication paved the way to a thematic workshop in Basilicata Region.

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Resulting from a joint effort of the NEREUS EO/Copernicus Working Group, the publication on “How Space Can Support the Agriculture Sector” illustrates 26 solutions based on space technologies already in place across 13 European regions in the domain of Agriculture and Rural Development. Special thanks go to all the authors, including Massimo Antoninetti (CNR-IREA, Lombardy), Silvano De Zorzi (Veneto Region), Thomas Geist (FFGALR, Austria), Artir Gil (UAC, Azores), Eugenio Fontan (Madrid Cluster), Nicola Pergola (CNR-IMAA, Basilicata), Svetlana Zolotikova (G-STEP East Midlands).

Through this research, a community of interest was reinforced among regional players within the NEREUS community. This resulted in the organization of a dedicated workshop “When Space Meets Agriculture – Fostering Interregional collaborations, investments and definition of user requirements”, to be held in Matera (Basilicata Region) on 14th and 15th of November. The workshop aims at promoting a better understanding of the significance and potential of Europe’s space systems, Copernicus and EGNOS/Galileo, for challenges in the agricultural sector.

Organized together with Basilicata Region, in collaboration with Consorzio TeRN and the support of COPA COGECA and ERIAFF Network, the workshop launches a dialogue between the agriculture and the space communities to explore space-based solutions for increasing productivity while limiting the waste of resources.