Dec 02, 2012

Netcetera facilitates Access to Earth Observation Data from the European Space Agency

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(Zürich, 29.11.2012) Web Platform for all Earth Observation Data – Follow-up Contract for satellite-based Crisis Information.

In March 2012, Netcetera handed over the multi-site web platform for earth observation data and information services to ESA and now operates and maintains it. This puts the finishing touches to the central Earthnet Online entry portal. Additionally, Netcetera will deliver the web infrastructure for the satellite-based crisis information of the International Charter Space & Major Disasters in late 2012 and operate it as well. On this website, ESA provides imagery and other material for emergency task forces.

Switzerland is an active partner of the European Space Agency. On the occasion of the ESA Ministerial Conference on 21 November 2012, Switzerland and Luxembourg assumed the joint chairmanship of ESA for the 2012 – 2015 period. Netcetera has also been actively involved with ESA since 1997, and in 2009 Netcetera was the first Swiss software company to be designated as a prime contractor for both the development and operation of ESA’s central multi-site web platform.

The technical and scientific earth observation user community is not the only beneficiary of ESA’s Earthnet Online portal. After a simple registration procedure, it’s now easy for everyone to order earth observation data and services online. The modern, user-friendly website enables full content searching of all sub-sites for the first time. ESA consistently uses this web platform for communication, thereby substantially reducing hassle for e-mail and fax communication.

Netcetera placed special emphasis on ease of use and design in the development of the platform. The two original portals with different content structures were merged. Earthnet Online is oriented towards data ordering and delivery. The technical challenges included integrating the platform into ESA’s heterogeneous system architecture, implementing single-sign-on connection, and cleaning up the user database. Netcetera, which also operates and maintains the portal, ensured that the system was down for only a few minutes during the switchover.

Follow-up Contract for ESA’s satellite-based Crisis Information

ESA recently awarded the contract for the development and operation of the website infrastructure for the ‘International Charter Space & Major Disasters’ to Netcetera. It will go live in late 2012, and Netcetera will also operate this ESA platform.

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