Mar 11, 2012

NEREUS/ESA joint publication "50 Uses of GMES across European Regions"

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NEREUS and ESA are currently collaborating in a joint publication entitled “50 Uses of GMES across European Regions”. The publication aims to document the accelarating growth of GMES applications across European regions showcasing operational or pre-operational best practices examples.

Call for articles is now open! We invite all NEREUS regions and associate members to participate sending their contributions using the given template). Deadline 30 April 2012. Together with the template, please send also the copyright form duly filled-in.

NEREUS is organised as an international non-for-profit association (a.i.s.b.l.). It is financially independent and solely funded by the yearly membership fees of its members.

As one of its core mission, NEREUS supports the creation of partnerships among its members. The NEREUS-platform aims at providing its members a support infrastructure for mobilizing projects in order to enhance the participation of regional players in European Space Programs.