Feb 20, 2014

Nanosatellite´s contribution to the European Space Policy Workshop and Policy Roundtable

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Date: 19th March 2014, Venue: OHB System AG, Bremen/ Germany

One of the most dynamic technology development areas in space today is the nanosatellite domain. It is expected that advances in reliability and performances will eventually enable satellites as small as 10-40 cm weighing as little as 1-10 kg to address existing or new innovative applications so far only possible with larger satellites, with associated cost reductions.

The European Space Policy has for the first time created a common political framework for space activities in Europe and covers applications areas such as Earth observation, navigation, telecommunications, space exploration, space research/innovation and space situational awareness.

The objective of this 1 day Workshop and Policy roundtable is to identify opportunities for nanosatellite missions to contribute to application areas in the context of the European Space Policy and to draw up recommendations for a strategy how to add value and create synergies by making a link between the advancements in nanosatellite development and the implementation of the EU space policy.

Who should attend?:

  • Actors from nanosatellite community
  • Research & Development, Universities
  • User communities seeking to update their knowledge on nanosatellite potential
  • Industry representatives
  • Space Agency representatives
  • Policy makers (European, national, and regional level)

Project background information

NANOSAT – Utilizing the potential of NANOSATellites for the implementation of the European Space Policy and space innovation aims at contributing to a roadmap for space and innovation in Europe through studies and events in support of highly capable small satellites and thereby innovative space applications and new business models for space missions in Europe.
The 1st NANOSAT workshop “Exchange of best practices, impact on education, innovation, space outreach” was held on 7th November 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

For more information, please visit project website