Dec 12, 2013

MDA joins ESA third party mission program

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(12 December 2013) MDA’s Information Systems group announced today that it has signed an agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA) to provide Radarsat-2 information to user groups under ESA’s Third Party Mission Program.

The Radarsat information will be used to perform research and develop applications and services such as ice monitoring, pollution monitoring, disaster management, agricultural monitoring and forest management.

David Belton, the general manager responsible for this business, said “MDA committed to supply Radarsat-2 data to ESA to help bridge the gap between the loss of Envisat and the launch of Sentinel-1. We are pleased to extend this support by providing Radarsat-2 data access to ESA’s research and applications development community through the Third Party Mission program.”

(source: MDA)