Sep 25, 2014

MDA continues to provide Radarsat-2 information to Thailand

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(25 September 2014) MDA’s Information Systems group has renewed its contract with the Geo-Informatics & Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) to continue downlink of Radarsat-2 data that will be used to support critical infrastructure serving Thailand’s various resources management and disaster mitigation applications.

GISTDA has been receiving and processing Radarsat satellites data imagery to support various applications since 2000.

David Belton, the general manager responsible for this business, said “We greatly value our long-term partnership with GISTDA and look forward to further enhancing this relationship by contributing to Thailand’s national objectives in resources management and disaster mitigation.”

The Radarsat-2 satellite has global high-resolution surveillance capabilities that include a large collection capacity, high accuracy, and wide-area coverage that is extremely useful in imaging the vast tracts of territory. The satellite acquires data regardless of light or weather condition, provides frequent re-visit imaging options, and is supported by ground receiving stations that provide near real-time information delivery services. This versatility makes Radarsat-2 a reliable source of information for resource and disaster management programs.

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(source: MDA)