Dec 18, 2013

locr Introduces New Geo-Information Services

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Locr GmbH has announced they now offer Geo-Information Services to print and marketing service providers.

locr GmbH has announced they now offer Geo-Information Services to print and marketing service providers. Utilizing the same quality geodata used to create locr maps, locr’s Geo-Information Services can supplement maps and images used in communications, enhance mailing lists, and improve efficiency of direct mail campaigns. locr’s Geo-Information Service are available now.

“Marketers are increasingly looking for ways to increase both the efficiency and the response rates of their direct marketing campaigns. Our new Geo-Information Services give them the tools to accomplish both goals. First, they gain efficiency by ensuring the quality and accuracy of their address database before they do a mailing. In addition, our Geo-Information Services enable marketers to boost response rates by adding highly personalized information to their campaigns. Together, these services help marketers achieve a better return on their marketing investment,” says Rolf Richter, CEO of locr.

locr’s Geo-Information Services can be used to improve the quality of the data used in a campaign. Specific features include:

  • Address Recognition: Geo-Information Services can ensure that the mailing addresses in a database are actually real addresses. Checking the addresses against locr’s geodata can determine records that have valid addresses and flag those records that need further correction.
  • Address Geocoding: locr’s Geo-Information Services give the user the ability to add longitude and latitude coordinates with rooftop precision. Records without exact addresses can be flagged and geocoded to a street, intersection, or postal code.

Geocoding can also work in reverse, giving the user a way to transform geographic coordinates – like the coordinates from a mobile device – to the closest validated address.

Marketers can also use Geo-Information Services to enhance their message by providing personalized details on locations, directions, and distance. Specific capabilities include:

  • Address Assignment: Geo-Information lets you match a sales location with a user’s address. Using real navigation calculation, you can assign the nearest sales location from a separate list to each record in your database.
  • Drive Time and Distance: Marketers can calculate the drive time or walking distance between each address and a specific location. This information can be used to enhance the marketing message and drive traffic to a certain destination.
  • Turn-by-Turn Directions: Geo-Information can also be used to create turn-by-turn directions that can then be generated in text or HTML format and included in a print or email campaign.