Mar 01, 2015

Leading China GIS company, GeoStar, to strengthen European ties by opening a new office in Finland

Esri China (HK) and iASPEC Geo Information Technology Co., Ltd through GeoStar represent the leading geographic information systems (GIS) companies operating in China. Esri represents one of the most widely used GIS software solution with a strong presence and origin focused in North America.

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It is estimated that Esri systems account for 40% of all GIS software usage worldwide. However, the China-based company iASPEC Geo Information Technology Co., Ltd which is associated with GeoStar has recently expanded its operations and targeted European markets with a new office opening in Espoo, Finland. The announcement of this new office during 2014 highlights GeoStar’s aim of looking to Finnish customers and business partners to help develop their own technology over time. The CEO of GeoStar, Yifu Liu, has stated that the company also has an aim to export Finnish information technology to China and combine this advanced technology with high speed development. The concentration of companies operating in the remote sensing and geographic information systems is higher in the Nordic countries which is one of the main reasons for opening this new GeoStar office. GeoStar aims to focus on combining geographic information systems with remote sensing software and technology.

One of the key drivers of growth within China’s GIS market has been the increased need for the application of this technology in disaster management and tracking large scale weather events. A newly published report which can be viewed via the link below forecasts that revenues for China’s GIS systems will increase by 11.75% CAGR during the period 2014 to 2019.China GIS Market

In addition, the increased availability and usage of cloud computing, mobile devices and newer data capture technologies is also driving GIS market revenues over recent years. Some of the key trends driving the uptake of GIS systems include the integration of GIS with building information management and the increased integration of these GIS systems with sensor networks; a key development which is seen as a key growth area for GeoStar. China GIS systems have also recently been applied within the healthcare sector to forecast patient care and preventative medicine. By using hospital data and big data resources there is a real ability to collect patient information for use in GIS systems to study illness trends. A recent GIS study in China helped determine the likely location of the next H7N9 avian flu virus in a northern region of Vietnam. By mapping previous cases of the flu virus and creating a cookie-crumb trail, the system was able to predict the exact region of the next likely epidemic.

Wuda Geo which operates the brand GeoStar under the partner company of iASPEC Geo Information Technology Co., Ltd represents one of the only companies able to provide complete spatial data acquisition and production, integration management and information sharing within China. The company has already established partnerships in Europe and the United States and by opening the new office in Espoo, Finland, the company is looking to expand further into these more developed GIS markets.

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