Feb 08, 2016

Iran plans to launch two EO satellites by 2025

Iran is planning to launch two national remote sensing and telecommunication satellites. These earth observation (EO) satellites are planned to launch by the year 2025. In addition to the satellite, a national remote sensing laboratory and the first phase of the satellite testing center of the Iranian Space Agency which includes nine laboratories and a space workshop will also be launched soon

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Communications and Information Technology Minister Mahmoud Va’ezi said, “Indigenization of space technologies is the main focus of the Iranian Space Agency”.

Also, Va’ezi said high on the agenda will be cooperation with major global partners active in the aerospace industry to supply components required for the manufacturing of the satellites and initial talks have already been held.

In the event, President Hassan Rouhani unveiled a micro-class fifty-kilogram satellite dubbed the Friendship Satellite.

Dr. Bahrami, the head of the Iranian Space Agency said the Iranian Space Agency will plan to hold an annual contest where Iranian students can take their satellite-designing knowledge to the show

Tehran Times