Jul 07, 2008

Infoterra introduces Second Generation Mosaic and announces a major new release of its Pixel FactoryTM

Sophia-Antipolis, France, 7th July 2007 – Infoterra France, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EADS Astrium and a leading provider of geo-information products and services announces release 3.2 of its Pixel Factory photogrammetric system.

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This new version includes numerous processes to increase the efficiency and productivity of users and is accompanied with innovative major features among which is a unique process to update existing digital orthophotos and a powerful graphical editor to help optimize organization of production lines.

The Second Generation Mosaic tool helps to quickly update existing digital orthophotos: the process extracts all parameters required for automatic bundle adjustment and radiometric adaptation from the reference database. As a result, the time to produce a new mosaic is spectacularly reduced and users get a perfect fit between new and existing data.

Another major advancement is the Workflow Editor, a fully graphical interface to help users create, store and re-use their own production workflows, thus greatly improving their productivity. Parallel and conditional executions are included.

Other major highlights of the 3.2 release of the Pixel Factory include a number of tools to help the integration of Pixel Factory into user’s existing information system with the automatic execution of external production orders and external application integration. The new version also greatly improves the export and import of data of various types with, among others, the integration of new formats for georeferenced imagery and the interactive settings of external and internal orientation of frame data, thereby optimizing production efficiency.

This release also expands the image processing capability of the Pixel Factory, with a range of new supported sensors: Kompsat-2, Daichi (ALOS) PRISM (with RPC and pushbroom), Daichi (ALOS) AVNIR-2, EROS B -1A, Worldview-1 and UltraCam-X. TerraSAR-X, CartoSat-1 and -2 and RessourceSat will be available in the coming months.

”Development of innovative features such as the Second Generation Mosaic and Workflow Editor perfectly renders Infoterra France strategy, aiming at providing our customers with the most appropriate technologies to support their projects effectively” says Jean-Michel Darroy, CEO of Infoterra France. “This release certainly provides real benefits to the fast growing community of Pixel Factory users, helping them simplify their processes and dramatically increase their productivity, while taking advantage of the high-quality of the system”.

About Infoterra France

Infoterra France is specialising in the production of cartographic data and development of applications and services using Earth Observation imagery.The company develops and provides unique multi-sensor processing systems and software (Pixel Factory and Overland) and also offers a wide range of products featuring a combination of true orthophotos and highly detailed 3D models that are setting new standard in the GIS industry. Products and services can be purchased as needed or the photogrammetric suite, the Pixel factory, can be procured for full production autonomy. Furthermore, the company develops advanced applications for agriculture, environment, risk management, telecommunications, as well as for defence & security.

Infoterra France is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EADS Astrium, Europe’s leading space systems and services specialist. Infoterra France is part of the Infoterra Group, which also comprises companies in Germany, Hungary, Spain, and the United Kingdom with more than 350 employees.

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