Dec 04, 2015

Info Session by EEA upcoming CfTs for Copernicus Land Monitoring

(Friday, 4th December 2015, 10h30-13h00) Information session on upcoming calls for tender for Copernicus full operation, land service, pan-European and local components.

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Pan-European component: production of High Resolution Layers (HRL’s) for the 2015 reference year, including re-analysis of time series for the HRL imperviousness.
A second part is the local component with the production of Riparian Zones (extension of existing products) and a second series of Natura2000 sites mapping.

EEA provided information on the upcoming CfT with some additional opportunity for service industry feedback.

Date and time: Friday, 4th December 2015, 10h30-13h00

Venue: CDTI/Spanish Office for Science & Technology (SOST). Rue du Trône, 62. Bruxelles 1050, Belgium


Organization: EEA and EARSC

Agenda CfT Info Meeting 04Dec2015

Presentation: Information session CfT

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