Oct 19, 2011

Industrial competitiveness

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The Commission has published its annual monitoring reports

On 14 October 2011 the European Commission presented its Communication on “Industrial policy: Reinforcing competitiveness”. This Communication looks specifically at the industrial competitiveness performance of the Member States.

The Communication is accompanied by the “Commission Staff Working Paper: European Competitiveness Report 2011” which addresses a wide variety of domains, including Earth Observation and GMES, and formulates recommendations.

For instance, the document notes that “The EU space sector is heavily institutionalised, half of its final sales going to European institutional clients. This concerns especially Earth observation, navigation satellites and related launches. Budgets cuts in these areas will reduce the performance of the sector significantly”. The report recommends to “review whether it is feasible to put in place a stronger anchor tenancy policy, especially in areas where the EU space sector is weak. This would enable the industry to develop competences and competitive strengths that could strengthen its position on markets outside the EU.”

The document also recommends to “continue reviewing how procurement policies can be optimised in view of the new policy responsibilities in terms of realising large operational programmes such as Galileo and GMES.”

The above mentioned documents are available at Europa